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Financial engineering

About Us

Digital financial ecosystem

Having identified this trend, we are among the first to to create and develop a digital financial ecosystem, at the heart of which is mathematical modelling based on high-level big data analysis with mandatory insurance for all selected models.

Fully secure automation of all processes with redundant database storage systems and the use of distributed ledger technology for transaction accounting enables us to technically commutable with the most closed banking back-end systems.

Logistic chain

Our supply chain (superapp) includes all major information providers, storage and processing services (data centres), exchanges, brokers, banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, management companies and several research and development centres.

By connecting to this chain, you gain access from a single account at your bank, applying all the security systems of your anchor bank, to all the services and tools available in the ecosystem, both for self-management of your wealth and for the purchase of managed insured models.



1st investment portfolio

Launch of the first investment portfolio


Establishment of a licensed management company Convertible Hedge Associates


Asset Allocation Tool


Assets under management


Research Tool


Insurance product


Software and platform development
for SOGAZ JSC in collaboration with
“Expertiza MEAC” LLC


Automatic Trading Algorithm Search System

Company Group “Chistiy Gorod”

Chairwoman of the Board of Directors
Polina Vergun


Equilibrium Intelligence Group

Launching the first models on our own capital

Convertible Hedge Associates, a licensed management company,
operates under an Approved Investment Manager licence at the BVI.
Assets under management:

Launch of an automated asset management solution Asset Allocation Tool

Assets under management:

Launch of an automated ALPHA detection solution Research Tool

Create and run a dynamic model for insuring against large market deviations

Collaborative implementation of an IT solution using an industrial chat platform and a dedicated business process management system to simplify insurance company-client interaction

Launching an automated big data analytics solution using neural networks Automatic Trading Algorithm Search System

Collaboration with "Chistiy Gorod" Group to manage legal entity account reserves, develop a mobile application for user registration and online payments
(more than 7 million users).

Establishment of the Equilibrium Intelligence Group
Assets under management:

The Equilibrium Intelligence Group team consists of mathematicians, physicists, big data analysts, programmers, economists, engineers and operates on the principle

“Only the best is good enough”

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Global Allocation

Asset Management Asset Management